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Our Values

The guiding principles of G17Eco are the basis upon which we build a shared understanding of what We do and, as importantly, how we do it. Our expectation is that any person or organisation we go into partnership with will also sign up to these principles.

Blue Smoke


It starts with each member of G17Eco willing to surrender to transparency. Without this, we are in the dark. Transparency is the key to unlock Truth, once we understand the truth and have true data, we can fix the problem accurately. Sometimes the truth can be uncomfortable, however, we have built a safe ecosystem of support where information can be handled sensitively for the benefit and progression of all stakeholders. 

We aim to operate with integrity. We conduct our activities transparently in a socially responsible manner, respecting the laws and culture where we operate. Health, safety and environmental concerns are of paramount importance to us and we will not support unethical business practices (such as bribery). We use funds and resources effectively and with minimum wastage.

That said, we do not compromise on investing in what works for enduring impact. We also believe transparency will lead to sustainable personal transformation and will have global effects, and this will ultimately unite all the peoples in one single purpose - changing the whole world.

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   Our planet faces irreversible decline if we don’t mobilise now in a strategic way. At the same time we are also the first generation in history to have the resources to bring government, business, civil society and citizens together to deliver a global resolution to poverty, inequality and climate change this decade. When we are successful we would have unlocked one of the greatest economic opportunities in human history and prosperity for all..."

- Manjula Lee, Founder of G17Eco


- Nelson Mandela

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