What is G17Eco?

Our social, economic and environmental systems are on the verge of irreversible decline, made worse due to Covid. G17Eco is a monitoring and marketplace technology platform to help us regenerate at scale.

G17Eco uses ground-breaking data bot and distributed ledger technology, to deliver trusted, comparable and timely impact data to empower all stakeholders with their decision making and unlock resources and solutions at scale.


Eco means home. It also forms the trinity of sustainable development- ecology (to learn about our home), economy (to govern and distribute our home), ecosystem (to manage our home). Powered by the expertise of the World Wide Generation movement, G17Eco offers a transparent, trusted, partnership-driven and holistic global system solution, aligned to the delivery of

17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

Coming into G17Eco is like coming into a virtual sustainability gym, we have the very best tools, programs, data and practitioners to help you achieve sustainability peak performance. It’s designed to empower individuals, organisations, cities and nations to map, monitor, measure, manage and market their sustainability efforts end to end. 

Most importantly G17 will pool all of our strengths and contributions together to truly propel us in delivering total well-being at every level; People, Profit and Planet in this decade of action. 


Want to build a new home?

Join G17Eco.