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Company Tracker is the scalable sustainability solution that grows with your reporting needs and the size and complexity of your organisation. Significantly reduce the burden of data collection, processing, dissemination, aggregation and verification to help your company fast track to peak performance and sustainability impact. Whether you are just starting your sustainability journey or looking to further excel in your reporting, discover how Company Tracker plans can help you.

Our Company Tracker Pro plan: 

  • Harmonises all the major globally recognised sustainability standards, frameworks and regulations into a single digital taxonomy. 

  • Streamline and standardise your sustainability reporting end to end and share easily with key stakeholders in real time. 

  • Choose from over 3,000 metrics from global standards and frameworks including SDGs, GRI, UNGC, SASB and TCFD.

Our Company Tracker Standard plan:

  • Is a digital survey designed for companies starting their sustainability journey. 

  • Quickly gain an understanding of impact and track non-financial reporting. 

  • Identify in real time where you are performing highest, as well as risks and vulnerabilities.

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Enables Stock Exchanges, Regulators, Banks and Investors to nominate their portfolio Companies (large, SMEs, private and public) to the G17Eco platform at scale.


World Wide Generation will do the heavy lift to train and onboard companies, to collect, process, disseminate and aggregate their verified data, with an immutable chain of provenance and evidence and courier it back to your Portfolio Tracker in real-time. 

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SGX ESGenome is a disclosure platform designed to support Singapore Listed Companies in their Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) disclosure process.


It enables companies to report metrics aligned with global standards and frameworks, ensuring regulatory compliance that meets investor needs for consistent and comparable ESG data.

SGX ESGenome

Are you struggling to collect, process, aggregate and share your sustainability data? And what about sharing data for audit and assurance purposes with your third party verifiers? Within the G17Eco platform, Assurance Tracker integrates with Company Tracker Pro to manage both data collection and third party assurance on one platform.

Conduct assurance with any third party verifier, directly from Company Tracker Pro to Assurance Tracker.

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