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What is G17Eco?

A monitoring and marketplace ecosystem platform to accelerate the financing and delivery of the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030. 


It is a Digital Ark’ to gain alignment, coordination, and connectivity, powered by our technology partner World Wide Generation. G17Eco is a global market infrastructure for the public good allowing any stakeholder to map, monitor, measure, manage and market their nation, organization, and projects for the SDGs in a partnership-driven, transparent and holistic way. ​ 

G17Eco will then help match-make beneficiary, delivery, and financial partners to each other for investment and scale. The network will also accommodate members of the public to help individuals understand and flourish in their purpose, volunteer their skills, invest or donate to impact solutions.

G17Eco is a Global System for SDG Delivery.


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  Our planet faces irreversible decline if we don’t mobilise now in a strategic way. At the same time we are also the first generation in history to have the resources to bring government, business, civil society and citizens together to deliver a global resolution to poverty, inequality and climate change this decade. When we are successful we would have unlocked one of the greatest economic opportunities in human history and prosperity for all..."

- Manjula Lee, Founder of G17Eco

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- Nelson Mandela


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Please get in touch at any time for more information about the G17Eco platform, service apps you may like to contribute, council members, opportunities to get involved or become a member and/or volunteer.​

If you feel you have your finger on the pulse of SDG related projects or news, we would love to hear from you ASAP!

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WWG's Company Tracker tool on the G17Eco platform is GRI Certified.

G17Eco is a non-profit organisation registered in England and Wales, United Kingdom.